Second release of HCM

It’s been a long while, primarily because I couldn’t decide what to do with HCM for a second revision. I wanted to start on building a configuration and code editing GUI, but persistence that was easy enough for just about anybody to setup with tomcat continues to elude me. So I took the GUI cleanups, some library updates, and some minor other enhancements and rolled them into a new stable version.

Once again, how you use HCM, is you create configurations and logic scripts using HL7 Comm then make them available to HCM in it’s configuration file. Once that’s complete HCM will read them in and basically act like a number of HL7 Comm instances running in a manner that makes their basic functionality available in a web browser. Specifically you can monitor, start and stop the controllers (a single instance of HL7 Comm) and you can view recent log information.

If you use it or even try it, please let me know, especially if you have problems. I hope (though I can’t guarantee) that the major releases are without significant flaws, and will reliably move your data from point to point. As always, check the support forums first and I’ll be sure to get back to you right away.

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