Another day, another major purchase

Well, I’ve agreed to buy a new house. The realtor (who’s a great guy, ask me if you need a realtor and I’ll give you his name) met with the sellers last night and after some hashing around of numbers they’ve agreed to sell to me. It’s a big step up from my current abode and I’m looking forward to moving.

It’ll probably be a while until we can move in, but I’ll try to snap some photos of the house in the next couple of weeks to post here. We’ve also set up a gift registry at Restoration Hardware so if you feel like being generous and giving us stuff go ahead. 🙂 Since we may not be there until mid-summer or even later I’ll post details later of a get together we’ll have for all our friends when it gets closer.

Update: Sounds like we’ll be moving in early May. Also we added a gift registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. You will buy us stuff.