Drinking a beer

It’s well deserved too. I haven’t updated in over a month because school, work and trying to find time just to relax as been too much. But as of tonight my last final is complete and I am a free man, if only for a bit. So I’m on my second St. Pauli girl of the night, with probably one or two more waiting in line. Oh how the women love me.

In addition to being done with finals, next week I’m taking a vacation. A real honest-to-goodness vacation. It’s the first trip I can count as purely recreational in at least 10 years. This is kind of a half-assed vacation, being just 4 days in Vegas, but it’s four days where I have to do absolutely nothing. Plus it adds up to nine days out of the office which I haven’t done since that butcher from UH performed “surgery” on me. Those two weeks of weren’t the most enjoyable by a long shot.

So I’ll have a few weeks here to relax before classes begin again. I’m also doing only two classes next semester, since three was a bit too much. Hopefully my updates will come more frequently than once a month for the next sememster. I should have some interesting news in the next few weeks so stay tuned.