Updates, updates, updates.

We came back from a trip to Pennsylvania to see the folks and Gary and Cheryl the previous weekend. It was an occasion of much gaming, but not nearly enough drinking. The bright news is that I’m almost through the case of Troegs beer I brough back with me. I had a good time that weekend though and I will have some pictures up to show shortly.

Speaking of photos I have some going into the gallery not only from the trip (Mike’s ghetto coffee…. awww yeah.) but I managed to get a few decent ones of Holden this past weekend. Hopefully they’ll be up by tonight, but Wednesday by the latest.

Nextly, for those of the healthcare persuasion that read this, there’s an exciting new update to the HL7 Browser coming tomorrow – support for networking. It’s the feature I’ve really looked forward to adding to it. I also make the source-code for it available now, so help yourself.

And for the final item, I’d like to announce a new fund I’m trying to raise money for. The buy me a new powerbook or faster ibook fund. Contact me to contribute – your generosity is appreciated.