Integrate Client Library updated (SVN 70)

Due to a request from a user, Integrate Client Library (used by HL7 Comm, HCM, etc.) has been updated to include external connection status in the API. An abstract isConnected method that returns Boolean has been added to the abstract class all the clients implement. If you’re implementing your own connection class and update to this version you’ll have to implement the method, but it’s really easy to do (just return null if it’s not applicable, or the status of the connection). The getStatus method also now returns a “connected” property for the HL7 and MLLP clients. I intend to update HL7 Comm and HCM soon to display the external connection status using this logic.

For right now if you’re interested you’ll have to check out the source and rebuild to get the new version, or contact me for a jar (I don’t think a ton of you guys use the libraries outside of what’s provided with the utilities). I’ll have it up loaded pretty soon, when I get to rebuild HL7 Comm and HCM with them.

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