Take my cat

I need to get rid of at least one of these cats very quickly. If you can provide a decent home for Leo I would be eternally greatful. He’s a big three year old cat – 14+ pounds, but friendly, healthy, playful and cuddly. Almost entirely black except for a tiny patch of white on his chest.

The other kitty is Nomad He’s got a number of health problems so I don’t expect anybody to want to take him. Just getting Leo out of here might calm things down enough that it will be easy enough to take care of him and the rest of the house though. He’s fairly big at 12 pounds, probably nine or ten years old, really likes attention, but sleeps most of the time.

E-mail me at mike at thot dot us if you are willing to adopt one of these cats. Both are entirely indoor cats, front declawed and Nomad has no teeth. Thanks.

Update: I’m starting to print up flyers to post around for Nomad. If you’re interested you need to e-mail me or leave a note quite soon. The comments are moderated, so I see them before they are posted, hence you can leave a note and tell me to delete it, not approve it.