Website problems

Something happened to the content of the website in the past few days where much of the archival content is missing. I have no clue how this could have happened, it seems the database was selectively pruned. That’s pretty upsetting, not because I can’t restore the content, but because it was either maliciously done or done through a horrible bug in the site software. Update: it’s a wordpress bug It’s an idiot not keeping his software up to date, see update 3 below. All the data’s still there, it’s just not displaying it for some reason. Update 2: Somehow the blog software appears to have corrupted the database. Everything *should* be working now (and I took a fresh backup :)). Update 3: Yeah, let this be a lesson to me. Someone corrupted my tables trying to exploit my (out of date) version of wordpress. Fortunately additional security measures prevented the damage from being any worse than it was. Remember, kids! Update your software!

Anyway, I’ll have things back in working order as soon as I can, sorry about any inconvenience. In the short term, here are the important install links to the software:

That HL7 Comm 0.8 Beta is the new public beta of that product. I came here to announce it’s availability when I discovered all these site problems. So, yay, there you go.