In our last episode…

Like all good fiction, I need to start my gentle readers off with a solid introduction to the story. Introduce the characters, give the plot and maybe some teasers to get them to come back for more (especially important in a serial work). I will warn you that the genre is horror, the characters are the flat and the story is a little slow. Those are the risks you have to take, dear reader.

In part one of our tale our protagonist spent the first twenty eight years of his life in a muddled mess of mediocrity. That doesn’t speak to the ineptness or in fact in any way negatively of those around him, though in fact there were inept and negative people all about. Rather this speaks to the fact that our hero never pursued his dreams, instead resolving to act predominately according to the will of those around him or sometimes just to his perception of what the will of those around him might be.

This arrangement did not do much to make anyone very happy – least of all our hero himself. What finally snapped him out of it? Good question, I’m exceedingly pleased that you asked. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. It was probably a number of things, starting with the fact that he was getting depressed again. That’s never a good sign. It had occurred to him before that if he didn’t take charge of his life and start doing the things that he wanted to do, that he’d never get them done. Twenty eight isn’t old, but thirty? My god, that’s just about dead.

At this point in the story our hero has a few things going for him. He’s got a good job, and even if that should fall apart against the odds, he’s got mad skills and will find a new one. He’s got a cute house situated on the wilds of the Eastern frontier of Cleveland Heights, including one and half ferocious attack cats to protect it. He’s got four children, which, though they are actually computers he thinks of them as children. One of them is lame (it won’t boot) but who are we to question god’s will?

It is here that the story resumes. The plot is pretty thick currently, but hopefully we’ll be able to make sense of it soon enough.