Busy again

I’ve been pretty good about updating at least once a month, but in the about three years or so that I’ve maintained a blog along with the website, November was my first total miss.  I guess that’s not too bad, and honestly, I try to not toss too much crap in here that no one wants to read.

I probably should bring up, however, that yes, I was in a crummy mood for that last post.  Still, I’m probably not going to dedicate much time to continuing to evolve the HL7 utilities posted here.  Just some things I have to worry about in real life and over time some of the things I’m interested in doing with my spare time have changed as well.

Lastly – notice the “contact me” link to the right.  Eventually I’m going to add a form there which you can use to email me directly.  However, until then a clever person can use the information on that page to contact me if necessary.