It’s been a busy and momentous few weeks (months, whatever) here at the nule household.  I don’t really want to go into details, but I am hoping things settle down soon.  I have updates to both the HL7 Comm and HL7 Browser utilities that I will be posting soon.  In particular the HL7 Comm utility has undergone some significant improvements and there’s room for more.

What I’m thinking about right now is if I want to continue to enhance HL7 Comm (there’s considerable room, particularly where loadable modules apply), work on the actual Integrate engine that HL7 Comm was always meant to be a predecessor to, or if I should kind of abandon the whole idea of open source health care integration all together and move onto a new set of projects.  Health care is a field I’d love to create cool projects for, but they are terribly unappreciative of such help, for the most part.  Talk about an industry that’s terrified of doing anything on its own.  Even though my utilities are quite popular among those that work in the field, it seems clear that they are unwilling to utilize the technology I provide, even when the cost savings are significant.  It’s a world where programmers are either non-existent or subordinated by the pointy-hair boss types that don’t want to hear about it unless microsoft is selling it to them

That’s too bad, but I’m starting to wonder why I should care?