Links and other nonsense

For those that have been anxiously awaiting a new release of the HL7 Comm utility, you’ll not have to wait much longer. I implemented a sample business logic (LogicAgent) which, of all the useless things, is designed to slow down whatever it is you’re interfacing with a specified delay between each message. In effect it ensures a maximum rate of transmission (though obviously not a minimum). You’d be surprised how often it comes up that some system wants messages, but not too fast, please. I also squished another bug, which, of course, is the last one to be found in the program.

Had a crazy party on Friday. Lasting nearly 15 hours I was in no shape to handle Saturday. A nap or two got me through it, though. I good time was pretty much had by all excluding one guest who started antagonizing the others. I’d say “you know who you are” except they probably can’t remember being a prick. Oh well, no harm done in the end.

I wanted to clarify my earlier sentiment that my job at CCF didn’t treat me too well. Just to be absolutely clear, when I worked for IT it was fine, it’s when I switched to a clinical department things were less than rosy. Perhaps saying I was treated as “a worthless piece of shit” is overstating things, but that’s OK – it’s what I do.

Lots of links incoming to old these days. Seems I have some attention from various healthcare IT blogs. That’s good, I guess. I know there are enterprising people out there that will make good use of my software if only they know about it. I’ll keep coming up with new stuff as long as people keep using it. It’s a bit discouraging to see places like CCF totally ditch the open-source stuff in favor of proprietary products. They want the extra 10% of functionality, but you have to admit it’s funny that a one-man band can implement 90% of the functionality that an entire corporation can put into their product. This time when I say “you know who you are” you really do know who you are.