New Job Part Deux

So far I like the new job. Spending about 20-40% of my time actually consulting at my old job (the one before the more recent neurology gig). I don’t mind it so much, but I left there for a reason half a year ago – I’m sick of the eGate scene and never really got into healthcare per se. Sure I can do it, but I like coding without having to know my OBX-15s from a hole in the ground.

The rest of the time is cool. We’re building the front end for an application using JavaServer Faces and EJB3 – both very cool technologies. I’d say each one can save you over 50% of your time on that respective development. Plus with EJB3 (or hibernate) you don’t have to write any SQL and let’s be honest, everyone hates SQL.

I haven’t forgotten my opensource projects. There’s a new build of Hl7Comm that’s been floated to a few key people. I still want to get a 0.1 release of Integrate out the door and its not that far away I think. I also have an idea to write another project that maybe I’ll go into more detail about later.

Anyway, this is mostly an update to let you know I’m alive. For the most part I’m concentrating on the new job right now, but if you’re waiting for other software from me, fear not – I haven’t forgotten you.