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Segment group support in Light HL7 Library

I’m well into the segment group support for LHL and you can try it out yourself now by building the latest SVN (revision 34). Basically what this does is let you take a message like the following: MSH|^~\\&|NULEORG|LHL|||20081022120000||ACK||P|2.3||||NE| PID|||12345678||SMITH^PAT| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR1| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX1| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE1| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE3| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX3| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE4| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX4| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE5| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR3| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX5| Which is obviously […]

Hey look, it's an update.

I’ve actually been busy working on stuff for, as well as stuff not as related, so I figured I should drop a note about what’s going on. First off, my attempts at fund-raising for the site and my now due bandwidth bill failed immensely. Exactly one donor came forward (of the 2200 people that […]