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HL7 Diff update and more on Comm

Thanks to Jack Jones for an update to HL7 Diff that allows it to run without a graphical display. You can get his version of the program here. Also, I fixed some potential bugs in the beta HL7 Comm release. I did find that the batch mode doesn’t work quite like I’d like, and I’m […]

HL7 Comm 0.8 Preview Release

It’s kind of weird to think about concrete things on our lives that we’re actually proud of. Yeah, graduating high-school with honors, or college at all are impressive; getting published, starting a family, etc. All good stuff. I’m not sure what to think of the fact that I’m starting to think of the HL7 Comm […]

NetBeans 6.1 Review

I’ve put some of my thoughts about the upcoming NetBeans 6.1 in the review section. Take a look at it here: The HL7 Comm is still nearing release. I can’t wait to spill the beans (so to speak) on the new beanshell functionality.