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Trip to Texas

I spent a few days last week in Texas and I have only some sunburn and a hangover to show for it. That officially makes it a good trip. It was a first trip to Texas for me and it was quite a bit different than I expected. Despite the heat it was surprisingly green […]

A writer

Here’s an auspicious omen: sitting in a coffee shop, listening to the powerful finale of Holst’s Mars, The Bringer Of War as we sat and discussed the rough first draft of my novel, set to take place on that very same planet. Here I was, a humble computer geek without any formal training in writing […]

Lots of Hits

I get a surprising amount of hits each day and each month to this website. It’s indepth and insightful commentary is no doubt the reason why. Actually it has more to do with the software that I offer here. But I am happy to be getting some 50,000 hits a month on average (over the […]