Trip to Texas

I spent a few days last week in Texas and I have only some sunburn and a hangover to show for it. That officially makes it a good trip.

It was a first trip to Texas for me and it was quite a bit different than I expected. Despite the heat it was surprisingly green and though the sun was brutal, it felt less hot than the thermometer seemed to indicate. The weather was a mix of partly cloudy skies, interleaved with sudden intense thunderstorms. The temperatures were in the 90s to 100s.

We started and ended the four day trip in Houston, where going to the mall and finding a nice BBQ joint to eat at were the priorities. In that sense it was just like Ohio, except the highways were wider and people drove faster, and of course, there aren’t any BBQ joints.

The main focus of the trip, however, was a jaunt to San Antonio, where we explored the River Walk and took a tubing excursion down the Guadalupe River nearby. We had some fantastic Mexican food in San Antonio, and found some nice clubs to hang out in the evenings.

The tubing excursion was perhaps the climax of the trip, where we spent four hours in the blistering sun with nothing to cool ourselves with but cheap beer. The first three hours were very entertaining, the last – well, I don’t remember the last hour. The next thing I recall is being in the car on the trip back to the hotel, wondering why the hell my thumb hurt so bad. How exactly does one sprain a thumb anyway? Guess I won’t know until the next time I’m drunk and floating down a river in an innertube.

Update! Gallery pics are posted here: