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Updates and Bug-fixes

Today I uploaded new builds of Integrate Client Library, HL7 Comm and HCM. Hopefully I’ve fixed the issues with the FileInByDir client for all three. Logging should be improved for all three as well, and HCM has a bug resolved where the logging level wasn’t reflected properly from the configuration. I still need to get […]

Javadoc updated for libraries

I’m really on a roll these days. Now I have published updated javadoc for both the Light HL7 Library and the Integrate Client Library on these hallowed pages. The links to all the javadoc published for any project here will always be available on this page: I have some email addresses for some folks […]

Integrate Client Library and HL7 Comm updated

ICL has been updated to SVN 71 and HL7 Comm is now at SVN 61. No new binary builds yet, but soon. Basically, ICL needed one more update to correctly report external connection status for the MLLP server (basically returns true if any of its connection threads report connected), and the client now reports disconnected […]

Update to

I’ll be moving to another physical machine (though with the same hosting, within the next 30-60 days. Hopefully outages will be brief at worst. Still, if you notice problems, feel free to let me know at nule at this domain.