Bring back the bitch

OK, I have to admit that I’m having second thoughts about the whole powerbook thing (see my post from a few months ago). It is a beautiful machine, as far as machines go, and functional as all hell. OS X has no equal on the desktop side of things (no really – try it. The server side is another issue that belongs to the real *nixes, not a microkernel crippled design, but the desktop is amazing in OS X).

The machine itself though… *sigh* It’s long in the tooth. This brand new $2k laptop is no match for my two year old Barton desktop, despite the fact that the parts individually look as good or better on paper. The parts, that is, except the processor. That G4 just doesn’t cut the mustard these days.

So I’m selling my laptop on eBay, with the three year warranty and all the swag I’ve accumulated for it. I’ll be sad to see it go (it *is* a sexy machine), but it’s just not worth to me what I paid for it. (Plus the problem that I can’t connect into work with it.) So what will I be computing on in the near future?

Well, for one I’ve learned that all in all laptops are worth it these days, so I will be repeating the laptop experiment. This time on an HP machine with an Athlon 64 processor and an 128mb video card. I’ll also not repeat the one mistake I made purchasing the powerbook – I got the DVD burner with the new laptop since those aren’t exactly easy to upgrade, and I intend to be stuck with this machine for two years (or 21 months longer than I stuck with the powerbook).

I guess the biggest feature of this new laptop is it’s half the price of the powerbook (that is, half the price of what I’m likely to fetch for the powerbook on eBay). So what I lose in beauty I make up for in practicality. It might be a few extra pounds I have to lug on my shoulders, but right now that seems a small price to pay.