Finally, some updates

Thanks much to Scott who pointed out a problem with HL7 Snip on the support forum. I’ve fixed that problem, which had to do with repeating segments. That was in the Light HL7 Library so I have to release new version of most of the utils, so for tonight I have a new HL7 Snip (which is where Scott found the problem) and HL7 Browser. This also includes the fix for truly immense HL7 Records on some platforms.

Please visit those respective pages on the right and get the latest version, if you’re using HL7 Browsers webstart you should get it automatically on the next load. I’ll have HL7 Comm 0.8.3 out in the next few days to include the updates and some fixes to the configuration saving and loading.

Update: Friday morning I uploaded the new HL7 Comm. I temporarily removed the classpath.bsh script until I’m sure it’s working more or less correctly. There are the other bug fixes I mentioned in it, though.