One thing or the other

HL7 Comm 0.8 is shaping up nicely. The all new configuration interface is working great for everything but individual component configurations (which, I have yet to start on). Obviously that’s huge, but it’s a relatively small fraction of the total work. Probably just a few hours left of development, then a few more of testing. Hopefully I’ll let it loose in the next few days. Already it’s clear that it’s worlds better than 0.7 in terms of configuring components. It’s different, though, so be ready for it. Keep telling yourself that change is good.

In other news, I beat my cold, finally, on the 37th day. Here’s to no relapses this time. In the midst of that fun and keeping the job on track, and the few renovations yet to do on the old house, our furnace managed to break last week.

Initially, a slightly frightening noise from the motor devolved into the motor not turning at all. I did call for backup, but it started to get cold pretty quickly, so I decided to pull the motor myself and see how hard it would be to replace. That’s an awfully tight spot (I do have pictures that I’ll upload for it shortly, had to reinstall OS X last weekend, that’s another story), so between that and getting the stuck impeller off of the old motor it took about 6 hours to fix. But, having finished it myself, I spend about $160 total instead of the several hundred dollars a service call would have run. It actually works better than it ever did with the new motor, so hopefully we’ll see a few untroubled years in the furnace department. Or at least long enough for me to release HL7 Comm 1.0.