Back to work

Well the wedding is over with. It went very well, and excluding a few issues just as things were getting under way, everybody, including the bride and myself, had a good time. I’ll have pictures posted here as soon as they start rolling in. If you happened to be there and took some pictures I’d appreciate a copy, preferably by CD-ROM, and I’ll add them to the gallery that I’ll be making.

Unfortunately it’s not time to relax yet. I mentioned before that we’re not doing a honeymoon just yet as we are working on renovating our old house and getting ready to move in there. Plus work is keeping me busy. However, in my incrementally increased free time (post wedding) I’ll be getting back to work on some of the HL7 software. First will be some bug-fixes and enhancements to the Light HL7 Library. From there there are some enhancements that I think need to happen to the HL7 Comm. The configuration part of the Comm will see dramatic changes to make it far more usable. Plus I plan on going ahead with my plan to allow the Comm to run multiple “processor agents” simultaneously. That will allow for a lot more flexibility when trying to come up with customized integration solutions.