Geocaching (take three)

It’s a bit insanely busy right now. My recreation includes only a bit of WoW when I get a chance and some Geocaching when the planets are in the right alignment (required for GPS signals, of course). I’ll get into that in a bit. I do want to reaffirm to any potential geocachers out there, that the Magellin is the way to go. Fantastic accuracy, often it’s off by less than 10 feet when I’m at a cache. Searching a 300ft radius of woodland for a small camoflagued box compared to a 10 foot radius? No comparison. We’re up to 11 caches, so we’re not experts by any stretch, but any I’ve tried without the Magellin and have found have been pure luck.

In other news, you may think we’re crazy, but we’re just about finished with refurbishing our old house and are preparing to move back there. Also, we’re getting married on the 30th (again – a long story). Lots of stuff for the next month. Anyway, I’ll try to stay on top of stuff here and not be to nasty.