Name me!

After a rather successful run of both the HL7 Browser and HL7 Comm I’ve finally come to the conclusion that because both are primarily used as interactive tools, it is better to combine the two into a single utility. Why should HL7 Browser have a half-ass network utility and HL7 Comm provide the ability to get detailed views of messages? I won’t be limiting the abilities of either in any way (in fact, both will be enhanced by the upgrade), including better support for the Comm to run in stand alone mode (remote administration and monitoring).

This new thing needs a name, however. I’m hoping to avoid calling it HL7* due to the fact that at any moment the HL7 organization may decide they don’t like that. Its focus will still be to simplify the acts of troubleshooting, testing and integrating health care information (well, the 95% that’s HL7), so it needs a name that reflects that. It would also nice not to be so generic.

So if you have ideas, please check out the contact page to the right and send me an email. Because it will utilize the pretty solid Light HL7 Library and the Integrate Client Library I hope to get things pretty useful in pretty short order.