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HCM Updates and Future Plans

HCM 0.1.1 was released, it’s a bugfix release mostly related to wrong behavior in displaying logs interactively. Regular logging to file was not impacted. I also tried to make the logging page look a little nicer, and I increased the log history from 250 lines to 500. Unless there are more bugs, that’ll be the […]

HCM Released and a note about HL7 Comm

I’ve released HCM version 0.1 right here. I’ve even included pretty detailed install instructions, which is a bit of a rarity for me, but it’s pretty easy to work with compared to many server-type software installs I’ve dealt with. Also, a user pointed out on the forum that HL7 Comm might not be working on […]

HCM and other releases

Yesterday I unleashed HL7 Comm 1.0 into the wilds. I replaced version 0.8 as the main version as 1.0 had very little updated in the core code. Some of the threading code was reorganized in most of the integrate clients (i.e. the HL7 listeners and senders) and there were some feature enhancements as well. I […]

The next HL7 Comm

I’m really happy with the version of HL7 Comm that I’m testing. The screenshot of the version from the previous post is close to what it looks like, and the new feature list is pretty minimal, but it’s shaped up as being pretty much everything I’ve wanted HL7 Comm to be. Namely, a reliable, reasonably […]