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New HL7 Comm coming soon.

I’ll have more details later, but I have some improvements to some existing communication clients, some brand new communication clients with Super Cool ™ features, compatibility with Java 1.4, and hopefully a whole new configuration interface for the HL7 Comm. Work on the HL7 lib hasn’t been stalled, I’m still giving that a good hard […]

More thoughts on the HL7 software

I had a bit more conversation with interested parties on the proposed segment group updates for the light HL7 lib, and I’ve thought about it quite a lot. It turns out there is already a standard way of describe message structures, specifically with respect to segment groups, and it would be dumb to come up […]

Light HL7 Library update

There’s a new version of the light HL7 library right here. It fixes an issue that caused new empty fields to be appended to a segment if they were queried for but did not exist. Originally I didn’t think this was an issue, but I can see why people would not want it to do […]