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I still can’t tell you why, but I made a countdown timer – hope you have Java (1.5) installed. Enjoy!

Switched (again)

Well, for the second time in just over a year I left the Legacy Village Apple store with a new computer in hand. Perhaps you recall last February I bought a 15″ powerbook g4, which was a nice enough computer but lacked enough speed for playing games and other high-end activities. Well with the release […]

HL7 Comm and Other Updates

Well, the new version of HL7 Comm is out. It’s pretty cool, I must admit. Does fun stuff like runtime reflection and class based polymorphism to dynamically load specific client types on demand. It also dynamically loads business and acknowledgment logic as well, which means that creating custom logic, custom clients or doing pretty much […]


Recently I started to resurrect some old code that’s been laying around, begging for a project to be a part of forever. Basically, the client code that’s part of the HL7 Comm application has always been designed to be part of something larger. That something larger is the Integrate engine. Basically, I’ve isolated the core […]